Kid Licks edible nail polish

We Heart: Kid Licks Organic Edible Nail Polish

Audrey is the mom behind the innovative brand Kid Licks which makes the perfect polish for manis, pedis… and eating. Read on for her story and the lessons her children are learning from her biz.

“Wouldn’t it be great if there was an EDIBLE nail polish out there?”
Kid Licks was founded during our oldest daughter’s “all by myself” phase. When she saw me painting my nails, she wanted to do the same. It really made me aware of the ingredients in nail polishes which I didn’t want my daughter to use herself since everything usually ended up in her mouth. Since there was no edible nail polish on the market, my husband and I started experimenting in the kitchen and eventually came up with Kid Licks.

I love that kids can use Kid Licks by themselves
My children are so proud when they master things independently. Some kids get pretty creative – we even saw a few small clients make video reviews of Kid Licks and put them on YouTube! 

Lessons for our children
Our children are very aware of the difference between those products that are safe and those that are not good for their bodies or the environment. Our two-year-old is often heard asking me “Mommy, is it organic?’ She might not know the exact definition of “organic” but at least she is on the right track.  


Kid Licks edible nail polish


Check out the online shop Kid Licks and follow their artistic adventures on IG @kidlicksreal!


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