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We Heart: Globe Totters City Blocks

Meet Angela, the NYC born and raised mom who missed traveling so much after her daughter was born, she found a way to bring the world home through her whimsical Globe Totters City Blocks. P.S. they are organic and made in Brooklyn, too!

My husband and I found ourselves really missing traveling after our daughter was born
It became much harder to be spontaneous and travel with an infant so we started thinking about how we could bring some of the world’s fascinating cities and landmarks home to her… before we’re able to show them to her in person 🙂

We were also astounded by the amount of plastic children’s toys that are made in China 
I often cringed watching my daughter chew on them. We wanted to create a natural product made in the USA that was equally educational and sentimental.

Enter Globe Totters
So we started Globe Totters – whimsical, organic, Brooklyn-made blocks inspired by iconic landmarks, food and culture and translated through fun colors that kids can relate to.

Blocks are a developmental staple for babies. Our littlest clients are attracted to the soft jingle bell and bright colors. The loops have printed names of the cities and are a great tool for tactile development. Our daughter has learned to catch, throw and kick with her blocks!

… And cognitive benefits
As babies grow older, parents can begin to educate their children about the different cities by learning about food, colors and landmarks.

We’ll always have Paris
My favorite city is Paris. It is the most magical, charming and romantic city and we hope to take our daughter there one day; but for now she will have her Paris City Block to play with!


Globe Totters


Follow Globe Totter’s journey on Instagram too! @globetotters.


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