Our Narratives is a lifestyle blogzine that captures the unique ways parents find fun, fulfillment and self-expression in their everyday lives. We reach out to mothers to learn about their inspiring traditions, routines and go-to tricks in fashion, friendship, work and travel. Their stories are presented in an editorialized way with captivating photography. Let’s have more fun in the everyday!

Sara Preschel Markus
From a very young age Sara was fascinated by the stories of both friends and strangers. Her intrigue led to her pursuing a degree in journalism from NYU. Before launching Our Narratives, Sara worked as the marketing director for an international real estate development firm where she oversaw their residential properties. Sara lives in Manhattan with her husband and two-year-old daughter.

Caroline Bouckaert
A sentimentalist and lifelong enthusiast for old things, Caroline has always loved learning about the stories behind certain traditions and cherished objects. She took this interest to Columbia University where she completed her MS in Historic Preservation. Before launching Our Narratives, Caroline worked in the for- and non-profit worlds of real estate. Caroline lives with her husband and one-year-old son in Manhattan.
photograph by: Classic Kids



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