Design Tips from Jannicke’s Bold Nursery Playroom

Scandinavian mom and designer, Jannicke, loves to pair vintage with new, mix up design styles, and isn’t afraid to use color. And we love it!

Today, she shares with us her favorite room in her house –her nursery playroom- and tips to create your own special space!

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Scandinavian + retro
My nursery/playroom is the perfect combination of two of my favorite interior styles….Scandinavian and Retro. It has the typical clean white walls, ceiling and floor which characterizes Scandinavian design, yet it also has retro bold patterns and colors.

A space for the entire family
With two kids, I knew this nursery was going to be used in a different way than how a first baby’s nursery typically is used. I designed the room for the comfort and use of the entire family. While I’m nursing and bonding with our new baby, my toddler can be equally comfortable and part of it all snuggled up with a book in the reading area.

…Including mom and dad
I designed the reading area with a queen bed instead of floor cushions so that it would double as a sleeping area for those nights the baby needs extra care or if my husband or I am dying for ONE night to catch up on sleep.

To top it off
It is a happy place that encourages children to play, learn and grow.




Tips for Designing a Unique Kid’s Space

1. Start by looking around your house: When I designed my first baby’s nursery, I picked up special pieces from around my house and used them in her room.

2. Break out the family heirlooms!: See what you or grandma and grandpa have in the attic… heirlooms are an awesome way to start the project and incorporate in your space.

3. Involve your kids: Ask them to help select items or colors for the room. Make artwork together and use it for inspiration and décor in their room.

4. Start with a fun wall treatment: If you want something brand new… start with a fun wall treatment. It can be a stunning upholstered wall, a wallcovering, cool wall decals or simply a fun painted pattern. Once you find THE one, you will see that the rest of the design will come a bit easier.





Resources from Jannicke’s Sunny Nursery Playroom

1. I sanded the existing wood floor and painted it with a specialty white glossy floor paint (Yes, I opted for covering the beautiful wood, but only because I knew all the colorful materials and toys going in here… for this concept I wanted a white, clean surface).

2. Ferm Living Kids Retro Wallpaper on the feature wall – anchors the room and gives attention to the beautiful pitched ceiling (The contrast between the white paint and the wallcovering definitely emphasizes the stunning angles and height of the room).

3. Clean bright white paint for all the walls and ceiling from Sherwin-Williams

4. Metal Bead Chandelier from Arteriors accented with colorful Yarn Balls

5. Wool Felt Ball Rug Handmade in Nepal (ordered on Ebay)

6. Jenny Lind Crib by DaVinci

7. Custom Bumper and Skirt by SheetWorld

8. Custom Nursing Wing Chair

9. Vintage Side Table/Barstool by Charleston Antique Mall

10. Book & Toy Display Shelves by Ikea

11. Apple Pouff by Land of Nod

12. Picture Ledge Shelves by Ikea

13. Table Lamp by HomeGoods

14. Mushroom Nightlight by Duux

15. Felt Garlands by Land of Nod

16. Custom Vintage ABC Learning Garland by Tiny Little Pads

17. Bed Linen by Ikea

18. Custom Granny Square Crib Blanket, Doll Blanket and Pillow

19. Cloud and Deer Pillows by Land of Nod

20. Custom Apple Garland by Tiny Little Pads

21. Vintage Toy Tin Bin by Charleston Antique Mall

22. Vintage Artwork


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