Melinda's Coffee Corner

Melinda’s Kitchen Coffee Corner

Tap your inner barista! We asked the mom and interior design aficionado behind House 214 Design to share her easy-to-create coffee space fit for any busy mom… who needs a break.

On designing your home
I want moms to understand that you can design your home on any budget.

What inspires me
My Dutch heritage inspires my design aesthetic. I tend to gravitate toward a European look, in general.

A weakness of mine
I have a passion for older homes. I like to study the ways of living in them during different time periods and learn their stories. Discovering the trends and fads of different cultures and times is fascinating.

My own home
I grew up in a home built in 1931 and our current home was built in 1940. It is important for me to honor our home’s story and take cues from it. I try to marry the old with the new in a way that is consistent and seamless.

My coffee nook was a result of a problem
I needed everything in one spot! I emptied an old crate I was using as a toy bin and stacked coffee cups and saucers on top of one another and then corralled the essentials on top.

Best part about it
It was simple and didn’t cost anything –the best type of project in my mind!

For more of Melinda’s inspiration head to @house214design


Create Your Own Coffee Corner


Melinda's Coffee Corner




Melinda's Coffee Corner




Melinda's Coffee Corner

Photos by Lori Baskin

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